A letter from a vet in Flint Mi.

I just finished reading a letter from a vet in Flint.  He worries about his children.  He claimed to be a democrat who was for Hillary and then switched to Sanders after he overheard his children.

I hope you can find the time to read his letter.  It is worth the few moments.  He gives more than a opinion.

see  http://www.morningnightcap.com/a-case-for-bernie-sanders-from-a-u-s-veteran/#ixzz3zhq0Apr8

Today, tuition goes up and up and young people begin to decide college isn’t for them. Education, the great equalizer, is becoming a privilege and history has taught us that narrow privilege breeds instability. Thank you for your service but especially for you courage and intelligence in writing this letter. I hope thousands get to read it.

Sanders is the beginning to the solution to the problem.  With a political revolution we can change the course we are on and make a difference in the quality of life here in the USA and hopefully in the world.



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